For more than 15 years we are consultants in business information technology in the fields of software engineering, project management, quality assurance and test, having worked with numerous companies in a variety of sectors.

During these many years of practical experience we have noticed, that testmanagers usually get engaged for a defined time period instead of a concrete result. The main reason here is the fact that customers often are not aware of what kind of service they have to order so as to receive a certain result. But the frequent wording "please organize the testing for us" can't replace a precise task description and in the end it leads to frustration on customers as well as on the consultants party.


Especially in the field of test management however, there are lots of concrete and measurable tasks during the whole test process which could easily be bought separately in order to support the test project goal-oriented and selective. On the basis of our experiences in numerous projects we have therefore formulated concrete, delimited advisory and service products which can be booked separately or in combination with each other. Each product consists of well proven methods, check lists, templates and tools. Defined standard solutions represent the frame for our offer and will individually be adapted to your project specifics.


As certified test managers, technical and functional testers of the advanced level we follow the approach of ISTQB, which - with more than 105.000 certified testers in more than 40 countries - represents the theoretical fundament in the field of software quality assurance.



Buy the solution and not the time elapsed! We are glad if you will get convinced by our product offering!