Testing is a complex and interdisciplinary task which needs careful preparation. The planning of tests to be executed should therefore begin as soon as possible in the course of the project.

Within the phase of test preparation we offer the following solutions:

  • defining a test strategy on the basis of your project requirements, identified risks and constraints regarding personnel, temporal and financial resources
  • planning necessary testing tasks in order to apply the test strategy and assign available resources in a test schedule
  • specifying of test cases considering the test methods and test scope defined in the test strategy
  • introducing, respectively using existing test management tools for planning and controlling test execution.
  • formulating the deviation management for tracking defects and - if necessary - embedding it into an existing test management tool
  • documenting all results of the tasks mentioned above in a test plan
  •  selective support which enables you to do the right thing at the right time in the course of your project.


In some cases it makes more sense for you to take over the tasks of test preparation by yourself instead of hiring an external company. Here we would like to offer you critical expert reviews of your test strategy, test plan and/or test case specification.