In the course of a test project, numerous results (called "testware") will be produced, e.g. test case specifications, test schedules, test data, test protocols, defect descriptions, etc. Dependent on the project size, big and confusing data amounts can arise here. Later on, it is often necessary to access this data, for example for defect analysis, regression tests but also as a proof of fulfillment of the contract between customer and contractor in a software delevopment project.

A well defined structure and an efficient archiving of the testware is an essential basis for wise reuse. Take advantage of our knowhow on structuring and archiving of testware in order to use important documents again at a later time.


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Tools and Utilities

Template Testware Archiving

Tool for identifying and structuring testware objects



Checklist Testware Archiving

Checklist for inspecting storage strategies with regard to storage terms and structure of the test data