"Veni, vidi, vici."

(Julius Cäsar)


After a successfully performed integration and user acceptance test the developed software system has to be implemented in the production environment. All modified and new developed modules, all changed and new data bases and tables have to be identified and possibly necessary migrations have to be executed. This process requires an accurate scheduling, because generally a defined sequence of steps has to be complied and tests after some stages have to confirm the quality of the introduction. A risk management is necessary – especially in the often timely very strong phase of pre-production - to be able to react immediately in case of problems and in case of failures to perform a fallback.



Take advantage of our methods and tools to precisely schedule your Go Live, the phase in which everyone looks at your project.


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Tools and Utilities

Template Go Live Plan

Template and method for developing a Go Live plan


Tool Go Live Schedule

Tool for developing a Go Live scheduleDownload


Checklist Risk Identification

Checklist with potential Go Live risks