"The purest kind of madness is to leave everything unaffected hoping that something will change."

(Albert Einstein)


One of the most important, however, most disregarded phases during a test project is the phase of test conclusion in which the course of the test project is to be analysed, the gained experiences should be reflected and optimization measures for following test projects can be derived.

The review of a realized test project though should be generally the conclusion part of the whole test process because it represents the basis for its continuous optimization.


Analyze with us your accomplished test project and gain valuable insights for optimizing your following test projects.


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Tools and Utilities

Checklist Review Test Project

Checklist for reviewing test project performances with regard to optimization potential for future test projects


Measures for optimization of Test Projects

Overview about potential measures regarding well-directed optimization of weak points in a test project performance


Method Continuous Optimization Process

Description of a method for systematic introduction of a continuous optimization process