During the phase of Test Execution, the planned test strategy will be implemented: The specified test cases will be executed by the scheduled testers in the intended depth and sequence, results will be documented and the tests of corrections have to be planned and executed once more. 


With our product P3e Execute Test we offer the executing and documenting of tests. For special kinds of software, e.g. for the test of your own homepage, we additionally make information available which helps you to find a big amount of failures by yourself.



Errors or omissiones in test preparation will become evident while performing tests and complicate the smooth execution of the test activities.


Therefore, our further products of this phase correspond to the products P5 Deviation Management, P6 Schedule and Control Tests and P7 Managing Risks of Test Preparation. The main difference however lies in the shortance of time because the Test Execution now has already begun.


During Test Execution too we provide Testmanager Coaching and therewith selective external support by text experts in this important and often very turbulent phase.