During Test Execution the specified test cases will be performed in the defined test environment and the results get documented. If the result of an executed test case corresponds to the expected behavior, the test case is regarded as successfully executed. In case of deviations between expected and actually observed behavior, a detailed description of the deviation has to be formulated and the problem has to be analyzed and - if necessary - fixed by the responsible programmer. After the correction, the test case has to be executed once more, as often as the results match the expected results.


Good project planning in this context depends on a constant overview of currently executed test cases, the amount of test cases still to be executed, the amount and classification of already identified errors, the actual state of the correction progress and the available resources.


With this product we offer you the outsourcing of your test execution activities. This way you can use your own resources for other important tasks and profit of an already established test process with qualified testers.


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Tools and Utilities


Template Test Case Specification

Template for the systematic development of test cases and for the management of the test case specification process



Guide for Test Execution

Guide for the execution and documentation of tests