A lot of companies run a website in the WWW in order to inform about their products or about themselves with the objective to "make a good impression" (like a “business card”) and/or to sell the offered products and services.


Making a good impression can be realized by using a professionally graphical design and by offering an interesting content. But the good impression gets rapidly lost if the visitor of the website can use it only with lots of restrictions.

For example: If links don’t work in the appropriate way and you can’t reach your target. Or if the “search” function doesn’t deliver the correct results. Or if the questionnaire you need for ordering something is most complicated or can be used only with a lot of patience or can’t be used at all …


The presented functionalities of the software do have to work, otherwise the visitor leaves your website!





Invest into the quality of your website and test systematically each functionality. Show your potential clients that you offer not only a beautifully designed packing but high quality and usable content. Demonstrate reliability of your website and therefore of your products and services as well. Because: The first impression is the most important one!


We offer two alternatives in order to test your website functionally, to identify as much errors as possible and to correct them before prospective customers find them and have to get annoyed about it …


  • alternative 1 - you hire us for testing vour website
  • alternative 2 - you do test by yourself



Target group

This product addresses owners of websites, persons responsible for running a website and software development companies which develop websites for other companies.




  • extensive test case specification for your individual website which enables you to test each functionality as complete as possible
  • tested website with detailed documentation of the executed test cases (test documentation according to the standard IEEE 829)
  • clear description and classification of the identified failures
  • test case catalogue as a base for possibly necessary retests at a later time, e.g. after changing some features of your website




  • reduction of failures in your website and therefore quality improvement of your web presence
  • building confidence into quality and performance of the offered products and services
  • detailed description and classification of identified errors as valuable input for the correction of website functionalities
  • outsourcing of test activities and therefore possibility to assign other important tasks to your internal resources
  • external and independent tests of your website by ISTQB certified testers



  • If you are interested in this product please contact us with reference to the subject L2 Testing Homepage or I1 Guideline for Testing Web Applications. We are looking forward to your call or e-mail!