Each phase of a project requires more or less extensive accompanying test activities:

Purchasing a software or parts of a system for example requires testable announcement documents and coordinated interfaces with the supplier of the product as precondition for the test execution. Performing individual development, the test activities have to be coordinated with the software development process. After successful realization and Go Live the ongoing measures of verification have to be determinate. Test activities which will be necessary when changing the software during ongoing operation have to be considered.


But which ones of these activities are definitely necessary in order to ensure the success of testing? What should at least be done during the current project phase? And which activities can be skipped?


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Target group

This product addresses project managers, quality managers, test managers, persons responsible for testing, test designer as well as all project members who are involved in the test planning of software projects.



Results of Quick Tayloring

  • overview of at least necessary test activities with description of the tasks, input and output
  • overview of at least necessary test documentation
  • overview of optionally appropriate test activities and documents (in case you would like to do more as demanded from the standard)
  • templates for all test documents with detailed description of all the chapters
  • proof of tailoring according to the standard IEEE 829/2008




  • support of your project planning with the intention to achieve the highest possible success in testing with the least but standard-compliant test expenditure by using a frame of test activities which then only has to be assigned to your project staff
  • saving the process of costly analysis of the relevant IEEE standard texts, the determination of test activities and test documentation as well as creating templates for all the necessary test documents. 

    In detail you will save:

    • the purchase price of the standard IEEE 829/2008
    • reading the standard
    • deriving the necessary activities for your project
    • deriving the necessary test documentation for your project
    • creating templates

    (depending on your project this process requires 5 – 10 days)

  • fulfilment of the requirements of the actual "Standards for Software and System Test Documentation" of the "Institute of Electrical and Electronical Engineers", IEEE 829/2008 and therefore surely as well fulfilment of the requirements in your company.



  • If you are interested in this product please contact us with reference to the subject L1 Quick Tayloring IEEE 829/2008.














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