The Test Case Specification represents the set of all testcases needed for implementation of the test goals which are defined in the test strategy. The test cases verify all the requirements specified in the test basis. Therefore they can only be described as well as the quality of the requirement description allows. In our product Review Test Basis we will check the completeness of the content, the unambiguousness and the testability of the requirements.


On the basis of a high quality requirement specification, precise test cases can be derived using different methods. While doing so, for each test case the necessary pre-conditions for execution, the amount of input values, the expected test value, the test instruction for the testers and the expected post-conditions have to be described. In the line of our product Create Test Case Specification we will design the necessary test cases by means of the reviewed test basis. If a Test Case Specification already exists for your project and you would like to have an independent adjudgement concerning its quality we offer this service in our product Review Test Case Specification.


In many projects employees are confronted with the subject of testing for the very first time. They find themselves in front of the task of creating test cases without any prior education; they are generally "totally lost". However, the creation of a complete and reusable Test Case Specification needs a structured and methodical approach. The knowledge of the current test case specification methods is therefore a mandatory prerequisite. With our product Introduce Test Case Specification Methods we will train your test team during the project. This way maximum learning is guaranteed.