The requirements of a software system represent the basis for a test strategy design as well as for the specification of appropriate test cases. They must be defined in a complete, unambiguous (i. e. without room for interpretation) and testable way.

Testability in this context means that the reaction of the software system on possible inputs can clearly be predicted out of the description of the requirements.

Therefore the complete modeling of testable requirements for functional and non functional quality characteristics is a basic prerequisite for a significant test.


Our review of your specification documents examines this basic prerequisite for a successful test preparation and test execution.


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Tools and Utilities


Checklist Review

Checklist for reviewing the test basis (project brief, business proposal, IT concept) regarding completeness, unambigousness and testability


Measures for optimizing the test basis

Overview about general measures regarding well-directed optimization of the testability of specification documents



Review Method

Description of procedure and content when reviewing a test basis



Template Requirements Management

Tool for creation of testable requirements and for the management of the requirement creation process