Testing is a possibility to assure that all requirements on a software system are verified prior to the system introduction. For this we firstly derive the concrete testable requirements from the documents of the test basis. An unambiguous assignment of test cases to these requirements leads to a clear statement at which time a requirement can be considered as tested. This point is reached exactly when the execution of every test case assigned to this requirement is completed.

The Test Case Specification, developed on the principle of „requirement based testing” creates the necessary overview and transparency between software design and software test which is of significant importance for the quality of software systems.


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Tools and Utilities

Template Requirements Management

Tool for administrating the requirements derived from the test basis, in regard to the coverage measurement when executing test cases later on in the project


Template Test Case Specification

Template for the systematic development of test cases and for the management of the test case specification process


Specification Method

Description of systematic proceedings regarding target group analysis, requirements analysis, deriving testable requirement and creating test case specifications