A fundamental requirement for developing high quality software systems are complete business tests which means that test cases have been specified under consideration of all required quality characteristics and correct usage of reasonable test case specification methods. And what's more, restrictions in the test strategy regarding project deadlines and resources have to be respected.


Therefore, the verification of the completeness of the test case specification, the adaptability of the test case specification to a changing test strategy (e.g. because of time delays) as well as the traceability of changes are the main aspects of our review.


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Tools and Utilities

Checklist Review

Checklist for reviewing test case specifications regarding completeness, traceability and adequacy in content with respect to the test intention


Measures for optimizing a test case specification

Overview about general measures regarding well-directed optimization of test case specifications as well as description and deriving of test cases


Review Method

Description of procedure and content when reviewing a test case specification