"A fool with a tool is still a fool."




On the market, a variety of tools which are able to support the complex tasks in test management exists. However, functions and price are differing significantly.

Because the most expensive solution is not always the best one, a thorough evaluation of the existing test management tools regarding coverage of the required needs in the project represents a reasonable investment.

After the choice of a test management tool the way of introduction into the project respectively into the company is crucial for its acceptance and therefore for its wise usage. The desired investment access can only be achieved through careful planning and organization of the tool introduction.


Using an established evaluation and introduction method, we will support you to select and introduce the adequate test management tool for your needs.


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Tools and Utilities

Tool Evaluation of Test Management Tools

Tool for identifying the appropriate test management tool with regard to the defined requirements



Checklist Requirements regarding Test Management Tools

Checklist containing standard requirements with regard to test management tools


Method for Introducing a Test Management Tool

Description of a standard procedure for a systematic introduction of a test management tool