"Who did a mistake and doesn't correct it, commits a second one."



In the course of a test project deviations between expected and effectively occurred test results emerge. These deviations must be documented in an understandable and traceable way before deciding whether or not and at which time a correction will be necessary. A correction has to be tested again, deviations can happen again, etc.


In order to handle all these deviations in a structured and adequate way, a deviation management is required which follows – ideally tool supported - a defined defect status model and a resulting deviation management process.


Using established tools and processes, we will support you in defining and introducing a deviation management, specially customized for your project.


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Tools and Utilities

Template Deviation Management

Tool for defining the appropriate deviation management with regard to the specific project requirements



Checklist Requirements Deviation Management

Checklist containing standard requirements on deviation management


Method Introducing Deviation Management

Description of a standard procedure for a systematic introduction of deviation management